Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg (DE) Back

Heritage conservation requirements often make the refurbishment of buildings that no longer meet contemporary standards a challenge. As they also do in the case of the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, considered to be an icon of modern post-war architecture. The appropriate renewal of its window façades was supported by using a warm edge spacer bar from SWISSPACER. The filigree look of the buildings was thus retained and the building’s energy balance significantly improved. Achieving the installation depth of the original elements of 80 mm required a large gap between the panes and thus an unusually sized warm edge spacer bar for the customised façade elements. It was to be 36 mm wide and white. The research for a suitable product ultimately led the planners to the Swiss manufacturer SWISSPACER: the company’s warm edge spacer bar SWISSPACER ULTIMATE is also available in the required width of 36 mm.