Bio Passive House, Moralzarzal (ES) Back

As in all its houses, 100x100madera uses natural, recycled materials as far as possible in this 210m2 property, with a very low environmental impact. The declared aim is to create a healthy home for the end user in harmony with the environment, while at the same time maximising energy efficiency and comfort. To achieve these goals, 100x100madera also cooperates with the company Blas Recio e Hijos, a window manufacturer that specialises in the production and installation of wood/aluminium windows with high thermal and sound insulation. Blas Recio e Hijos in turn uses spacers from SWISSPACER as standard in the double and triple insulating glazing used to maximise the energy efficiency of its windows. The 2-colour windows (grey on the outside, white on the inside) of the Coplanar Flat series used in this case are one of the components in the building envelope that make a decisive contribution to meeting the requirements for obtaining the VERDE environmental seal and the passive house certificate. The triple glazing with SWISSPACER warm edge spacers make it possible to achieve an Uw value of up to 0.8 W/m2K. Due to the wide range of colours that SWISSPACER offers for its spacers, it is also possible to perfectly match the spacers of the insulating glazing to the colour of the window frames.