Europassive® 6, Gambsheim (FR) Back

Gambsheim, Alsace, has seen the construction of an ambitious building: The Europassive® 6 Ga house. Challenges for thermal insulation include any cold bridges around the windows and glass front. While the north and east side have only a few window openings, the south side is almost completely glazed. Thus the sunlight comes very far into the interior in the winter and ensures brightness and warmth. The selection of the components ensures energy efficiency and comfort: the glass façade consists of triple insulating glass with a Ug value of 0.5 W/m2K and a light transmittance of 61 percent. In summer, the external solar protection prevents overheating of the interior. The ventilation system with heat recovery creates a pleasant indoor climate. Manual ventilation is possible only through the doors – all the windows as well as the façade have fixed glazing. SWISSPACER ULTIMATE spacer bars are fitted in all triple insulating glass.