Yacht Park, Gdynia (PL) Back

The combination of a unique location, historical background and modern architecture characterizes the Polish port city of Gdynia. In the post-industrial part of the city center, which was previously sealed off from public traffic as a harbor area, a luxurious residential complex is currently being built as part of the revitalization of the waterfront: the Yacht Park. It is to become the new face of Gdynia. The impressive panoramic windows allow a direct view of the newly created marina and meet the highest standards of energy efficiency. Completion is scheduled for the third quarter of 2020. In addition to the visual demands on the panorama windows, the ULTIMATE spacers from SWISSPACER ensure an impressive performance in terms of energy efficiency of the windows. Thus, the warm edge makes a significant contribution to meeting the high requirements of the sustainable building concept. More than 4,500 m2 of triple-glazed insulating glass units were installed throughout the complex, and more than 35,000 linear meters of spacers were used for production. This relatively small element is an indispensable component of every insulating glazing unit. In this case, the use of the highly efficient SWISSPACER spacer was an obvious choice.