Glass façade of the “Zin Fux” ski lodge in South Tyrol with warm edge spacer bars from SWISSPACER 20 January 2020 Back to news index

Glass façade of the “Zin Fux” ski lodge in South Tyrol with warm edge spacer bars from SWISSPACER

Authentic, alpine and yet modern – that’s the “Zin Fux” ski lodge near Sexten in South Tyrol. Built as a two-storey stud construction, with a restaurant on the ground floor and a ski lounge on the first floor, it invites skiers, hikers and mountain bikers to stay a while for a little refreshment.

The moment you enter the building, you sense that both the client, Johann Fuchs, and the designers, surveyor Günther Bachmann and architectural engineer Pavlina Sasinkova from the design office “raumwerk” in Innichen, have captured the location well. The regional reference is, in the truest sense of the word, unmissable, because the ski lodge embraces the picturesque mountain landscape with fully glazed façades on three sides.  Even the roof has a window section that affords a view of the South Tyrolean sky. The building turns its back on the nearby forest. On the opposite side, it welcomes its guests on a large open area with panoramic terrace. Not only here but also on both long sides of the building, the designers have integrated real tree trunks into the building’s construction, specially prepared for permanent use in the façade. In this way, they convey to the guests a forest atmosphere both inside and around the building.

Despite the large windows, the interior should be cosy – not only in terms of the design but also with regard to indoor climate and energy efficiency. The designers therefore opted for aluminium windows and window walls from FINSTRAL. All elements used have narrow frames for the least obstructed view possible of the surrounding area. Like in all models of the South Tyrolean family window maker, warm edge spacer bars from SWISSPACER were integrated into the construction of the glass elements from FINSTRAL: Their use ensures a special insulation effect around the edge of the glass. That minimises cold bridges and ensures the good energy efficiency of the building. In addition, the risk of condensation and mould on the edge of the glass is significantly reduced.


Quality for the perfect window
The internal claim to quality at FINSTRAL is high: Ultimately, only products that have been thought through down to the smallest details and optimally designed should be launched on the market. FINSTRAL found an important component for the perfect window in the warm edge spacer bars of SWISSPACER. “Quite simply, the quality impressed us – whether the energy performance, the simple industrial processing or the perfect look. That’s why we’ve been producing our insulation glass exclusively with spacer bars from SWISSPACER since the beginning of 2017,” says Florian Oberrauch, member of the executive board and logistics at FINSTRAL AG.

The spacer bar SWISSPACER Advance, which has very low thermal conductivity, was used in the glass elements of the Zin Fux lodge. With its vapour and gas-tight foil, it ensures that the gas filling cannot escape from the cavity between the panes and that no water vapour can penetrate it either. This is very important for supporting the functionality of the energy-saving windows, which do not give off any unpleasant cold or heat to the interior of the lodge.

The Zin Fux lodge is a successful example of how good architecture does not always have to be designed with big gestures: Planned down to the smallest detail, appropriate to local circumstances, designed with value and sustainability in mind and executed with regional companies, a cosy gem for keen climbers and skiers has been created here that the operators and its guests will delight in for many years to come.