Homeowners see and feel the difference with SWISSPACER 22 October 2013 Back to news index

JP Davis Home Improvement, a CWG Choices customer, knows first-hand the difference SWISSPACER warm edge spacer bars make to windows.

Homeowners see and feel the difference with SWISSPACER

Proprietor Jim Davis recently installed SWISSPACER sealed units in his own home and was amazed at the improvement. He says: “You really can see and feel the effect of SWISSPACER. It eliminates the cold and draught at the edge of the window and creates a comfortable indoor temperature. Because SWISSPACER keeps the edge of the window warmer than aluminium spacer bars, you don’t get any condensation on the inside of the window either.”
“Homeowners are becoming more and more heat-savvy so SWISSPACER is a fantastic selling point. Once we’ve explained the benefits – lower heating bills, fewer draughts and no condensation – they’re always ready to buy!”
SWISSPACER is made of an insulating plastic composite material that acts as a barrier to stop warm air escaping through the window, making windows more energy efficient and reducing heating bills. It keeps the edge of the glass at a constant warm temperature to prevent condensation forming. SWISPACER’s High Tech Gas Barrier stop 100% of gas leakage and moisture penetration through the spacer bar too, so windows go on performing for years.