Santa’s reindeers deliver SWISSPACER’s Christmas 1 December 2014 Back to news index

SWISSPACER is sending Christmas greetings via a direct marketing campaign with a little help from Santa’s reindeers. Over 100 Swiss chocolate reindeers are being delivered to SWISSPACER’s direct customers and prospects to kick start the festive period.

Santa’s reindeers deliver SWISSPACER’s Christmas

Vic De Costa, SWISSPACER Sales & Marketing Manager (UK & Ireland), says: “It’s been another exciting year for SWISSPACER with the launch of our new product Advance – another best in its class - and record sales worldwide. As we come to the end of 2014, we wanted to wish direct customers and prospects a Merry Christmas in a fun (and tasty!) way. So a group of Swiss chocolate reindeers are trudging along the motorways as we speak! Look out for our distinctive delivery with red and gold wrapping.

“Thank you to all our customers for their continuing support. Merry Christmas and we look forward to another successful year in 2015.”