SWISSPACER congratulates Thermoseal on joining them at the top 2 December 2014 Back to news index

SWISSPACER, the UK and Ireland market leader, says well done to Thermoseal for catching up and joining them at the top of the list for most thermally efficient warm edge spacer bars. “But”, says Vic De Costa, SWISSPACER Sales & Marketing Manager (UK & Ireland), “Readers could misunderstand Thermoseal’s announcement. To clarify: we say, well done for catching up and drawing level, but they have not overtaken us.”

SWISSPACER congratulates Thermoseal on joining them at the top

Since it broke into the UK market SWISSPACER has been the best warm edge spacer bar for thermal values. SWISSPACER V was judged best of all leading warm edge spacer bars in 2008 by the Bundesverband-Flachglas German Flat Glass Federation (BF), to which all leading warm edge spacer bar companies, and organisations such as the BFRC, now belong. Last year SWISSPACER was again rated best by the Warm Edge Working Party of the Bundesverband-Flachglas, when SWISSPACER Ultimate topped the ratings. SWISSPACER Ultimate’s BF datasheet currently performs best in ‘2-box’ tests with a value of 0.14W/mk. Taking into account that the spacer height is the same with 6.5mm, and by using the same sealant and equal sealant depth of 3mm hot melt, Thermobar’s spacer bar performance can’t be better. SWISSPACER Ultimate is certified on EN 1279 Parts 2 and 3 with a 3mm hot melt sealing.

Vic continues: “Energy efficiency is a huge issue for the UK and the industry. That’s why SWISSPACER invests so much in leading the industry with high performance innovative products. SWISSPACER Advance, launched this year, is the best value mid-range warm edge spacer bar on the market. It offers excellent performance at affordable prices. We invest in innovative warm edge spacer bars so we continue to lead the market with best in the world spacer bars, but we do expect to see others drawing level at some stage before we move ahead again.”

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