SWISSPACER grows at unprecedented pace 6 May 2009 Back to news index

Leading warm edge spacer bar manufacturer Swisspacer continues to experience extraordinary growth in the UK and Ireland as sealed unit manufacturers (double or triple glazed) and window fabricators recognise its effectiveness in helping to gain top energy efficiency ratings in the Window Energy Ratings Scheme. In 2008, sales in the UK grew 300% and growth is accelerating rapidly into 2009.

SWISSPACER grows at unprecedented pace

“We overtook the total amount of linear metres sold in 2008 by the end of quarter one. We then sold 50% more in April than we did in March,” comments Marketing and Sales Manager UK and Ireland, Kathryn Dalgleish. “This is because the market for warm edge products is growing as homeowners and public sector housing developers demand energy efficient windows to reduce heat loss as well as the problem of internal condensation on windows. Sealed unit manufacturers and window fabricators are turning to Swisspacer to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Companies looking to use warm edge want to have the best all round solution.”

Sales of Swisspacer V, which is by far the most popular product in the range in the UK thanks to its superior thermal insulation properties, have grown dramatically worldwide. In 2007 it accounted for just 7% of Swisspacer’s worldwide sales. In March this year it accounted for 34% of sales, reflecting the greater emphasis placed on products that help save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. In the UK and Ireland it accounts for over 90% of sales.

Independent tests conducted by IFT Rosenheim, the European fenestration research and test facility, show Swisspacer outperforms all other tried and tested spacer bars. In addition, it matches the external shape and dimensions of the traditionally used aluminium spacer bars. This means sealed unit manufacturers don’t need costly, specially adapted machinery to use Swisspacer which is a real advantage given the current economic climate. The aesthetics of the product (in terms of its colour options, matt finish and range of accessories) is also a key benefit, according to customers, as is the products rigid and strong construction.