SWISSPACER publishes new Technical Guide 14 October 2016 Back to news index

SWISSPACER, has published a new technical guide. The comprehensive guide gives sealed unit makers useful information about how to process SWISSPACER correctly.

SWISSPACER publishes new Technical Guide

The guide is organised into different sections such as processing, machinery, product specifications and thermal values. Each section provides detailed information to help sealed unit makers use SWISSPACER to its full potential and inform their customers about the detailed benefits of warm edge spacer bars. 

Machines and Tools Limited (MTL) is a Lancashire-based designer of tooling solutions that manufactures saws used to cut SWISSPACER spacer bars. MTL says the new Technical Guide can be a great asset to sealed unit makers.

Rob Braithwaite, owner of MTL says: “It’s important for sealed unit makers to know how to correctly process spacer bars and use appropriate tools to get the most out of the product. The SWISSPACER Technical Guide is full of useful information and an invaluable resource to manufacturers. I fully recommend the guide as it gives detailed and expert advice on the correct way to cut and process SWISSPACER.”

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