Swisspacer for tough times and tough conditions 30 January 2009 Back to news index

In its first 10 years Swisspacer’s leading warm edge spacer has been used in a large number of the world’s major commercial projects. It has been specified for many of the world’s most iconic buildings, such as Norman Foster’s Swiss Re ‘Gherkin’ in London, the Turning Torso in Malmo (Sweden), the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Torre de Cristal in Madrid.

Swisspacer for tough times and tough conditions

Most recently Swisspacer was used for one of Korea’s most expensive accommodation complexes – The Queendom Apartment complex. The construction project in Busan required 61,000 sq metres of glass, using 300,000 linear metres of Swisspacer. It is the latest of nine large-scale Korean construction projects which specified the top performing warm edge spacer for long-life energy saving. Other recently completed projects include Park Tower (Seoul), The Samsung Cancer Centre (Seoul) and The MBC Cheong-Ju broadcasting centre. The glass required for each project ranged from 10,000 square metres to 71,000 square metres.

Swisspacer supplies sealed unit manufacturers and window fabricators with the best performing warm edge spacer for thermal efficiency. But Swisspacer’s other attributes make it the ideal choice for construction projects using large amounts of glass in exposed conditions.

Swisspacer’s Managing Director Matthias Meissner comments:  “Swisspacer is now well known as the highest performing warm edge spacer bar, having been independently tested against other leading spacers in Europe, coming out top for PSI values. Its structural integrity means it is ideal for applications where glass or facades are exposed to high thermal and mechanical forces in tall buildings where soft spacers may fail. Swisspacer’s performance gives architects and designers the confidence to specify it for buildings with a lot of glass from Korea, Japan and the USA to the UK, where it is making rapid progress. They know the sealed units will satisfy the most demanding requirements. Along with its cost benefits people are saying it is the ideal spacer for tough times and tough conditions.”