SWISSPACER used in new innovative solar-powered house 30 July 2014 Back to news index

SWISSPACER used in new innovative solar-powered house

SWISSPACER has been specified in the design and construction of TechStyle Haus, an entry in the international Solar Decathlon Competition held in France. The house has been designed to be energy-efficient as well as liveable.

The exterior of the house is made from high-performance textiles layered together to create a flexible yet durable outer shell that also harnesses solar power. SWISSPACER ULTIMATE, the world’s leading warm edge spacer bar, is being used in the windows. With SWISSPACER inside, the house uses 90% less energy for heating and cooling than a traditional house. TechStyle Haus is the first building made by textiles entered into the competition that meets the Passivhaus standard.

Students are challenged by the Solar Decathlon competition to design and create innovative solar-powered houses while also considering energy efficiency, sustainability and affordability.

SWISSPACER Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales, Peter Appel says: “We’re delighted to be a part of this innovative new project which sees students from across the world compete to create the most energy-efficient and innovative solar-powered homes. The TechStyle Haus is not only architecturally interesting but also demonstrates how SWISSPACER products can play a huge part in sustainability and energy-efficiency.”

TechStyle Haus was in Paris, France for the judging process, and it has now moved to Domaine de Boisbuchet where it will be used for student housing.

Solar Decathlon announced the winners on Monday 14th July. For further information visit