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SWISSPACER presents the triple glazing spacer bar at BAU

Two become one

Kreuzlingen / Switzerland, January 2017 Triple glazing has now firmly established itself on the market. However, the benefits of improved energy-efficiency and comfort come at the cost of a heavier weight and more complex manufacturing.

Now a new product from the Swiss specialist in spacer bars is here to help with that: the SWISSPACER Triple. The spacer bar was designed for triple glazing specifically, where, in the past, two spacers have been used. Now you only need one. It holds the middle pane of glass in a special groove and keeps it in place.

Thanks to SWISSPACER Triple, thinner panes can be used in the middle of the triple glazing, significantly reducing the overall weight of the glass. That is exemplified in the new CLIMATOP EASY product from the French parent company Saint-Gobain Building Glass Europe. This is the first time the SWISSPACER Triple has been used in practice. It means that a middle pane that is just 2 mm thick can be placed in triple glazing. In addition, the SWISSPACER Triple simplifies the processing, as now only two butyl zones are needed for the primary sealant. This lowers the risk of gas leakage and moisture entering into the cavity between the panes and increases the service life of the insulating glass.

SWISSPACER Triple makes the windows look great. The spacer frames are connected and are 100% parallel. The wavy butyl lines commonly visible along the middle pane of triple glazing are no longer an issue.

Another benefit: The new spacer bar is also well suited for manual processing. Companies who manufacture a limited number of triple glazing units or primarily process their spacers manually can take advantage of the benefits offered by the SWISSPACER Triple. It can be used without any problems on processing lines originally designed for double glazing units.

Last but not least, building on the technology of the SWISSPACER Ultimate, the new spacer bar for triple glazing ensures optimum energy-efficiency at the glazing edge.

The SWISSPACER Triple is currently available in three versions, with widths of 25 mm, 33 mm and 37 mm respectively.