Warm front approaching fast: Swisspacer sales up 300%! 20 January 2009 Back to news index

Sales of Swisspacer’s leading warm edge spacer increased by 300% in the UK and Ireland during 2008. Global sales also showed significant growth in the past 12 months. Now with three distribution partners covering the whole of the UK and Ireland (Madgen; DGS/Solutions UK; and National Seal) sealed unit manufacturers are able to purchase the wide range of Swisspacer products in the way that is most convenient to them. Partly as a result of this positive development, the Swisspacer team fully expect another year of strong growth in 2009.

Warm front approaching fast: Swisspacer sales up 300%!

Kathryn Dalgleish, Swisspacer’s Marketing and Sales Manager in the UK, comments: “Swisspacer is a simple solution for companies who want to achieve Window Energy Ratings and open up new sales opportunities. Using the advanced performance Swisspacer V, in particular, facilitates the achievement of ‘A’ ratings with double glazed units. Because the product fits easily into the existing production process, there are no financial penalties and no waiting for equipment or major disruption in the factory. We’re delighted by the latest figures and are confident this trend will continue.”

Interest in warm edge products is growing rapidly as homeowners demand top performing energy efficient windows to lower their fuel bills. To keep ahead of demand, and differentiate themselves from their competitors, window fabricators and sealed unit manufacturers are turning to Swisspacer.

In this harsh economy, customers are appreciating the benefits of using a cost effective, top quality spacer bar. Swisspacer can be used on existing sealed unit machinery so there’s no need for extra investment or higher costs. Swisspacer’s performance has been independently tested against alternative spacer bars in Europe, and recognised as the top performing spacer bar for PSI values.