The Window Doctor prescribes SWISSPACER! 22 October 2013 Back to news index

The Window Doctor, based in Cambridgeshire, specialises in window installations and repairs. The company buys ready-glazed windows from CWG Choices with SWISSPACER warm edge spacer bars inside.

The Window Doctor prescribes SWISSPACER!

“SWISSPACER ticks all the boxes”, says Brendan Pearl of The Window Doctor. “It helps give good energy ratings and it looks neat and tidy in the sealed unit – much more attractive than traditional aluminium spacer bars. All our windows have sealed units with SWISSPACER and Planitherm, which is a great selling point.
“We tell homeowners that SWISSPACER makes their windows more energy efficient which means lower heating bills. They’re always happy with SWISSPACER, and so are we!”
SWISSPACER is the No. 1 warm edge spacer bar in the UK and Ireland. It has excellent thermal properties and can easily make the difference between an A and a B energy rated window. Performance with SWISSPACER is long-lasting too: its High Tech Gas Barrier stops 100% of gas leakage and moisture penetration through the spacer bar so it maintains its performance for years.
SWISSPACER’s attractive, semi-matt finish also gives a high end look and it’s available in a choice of 17 colours.
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