The world of warm edge with video and audio 1 February 2019 Back to news index

The world of warm edge with video and audio

A picture says more than a thousand words – and moving pictures can get to the heart of complex relationships quickly and comprehensibly. The new videos from Swisspacer, the Swiss manufacturer of warm edge spacer bars, focus on various questions relating to all areas of the warm edge. Insulating glass manufacturers, window manufacturers, architects, designers and end-users will find out, for example, what to do with climatic stresses in insulating glass, how spacer bars can be placed in very large pieces insulating glass or how a perfect frame can be made with different processing technologies.

The viewer gets very detailed insights. “With our videos, we want to make connections visible and provide background information. We are very close to the action and let people keep a very close eye on us," explains Karl Theo Roes, Head of Market Development & Innovation Europe.


The videos in detail:


What are the climatic stresses and why is pressure equalisation in insulating glass an important issue for the industry? What is the solution? A practical application is used to show how the SWISSPACER Air works and how it is fitted.


Technical service

What aspects must be taken into account on-site when working with spacer bars? How can we make optimum use of the knowledge of the SWISSPACER experts so that people working with them can achieve a high level of quality from the outset in terms of the frame production? Practical examples show you how it's done.


Large pieces of insulating glass

How stable is the SWISSPACER spacer bar in large pieces of insulating glass and what steps in the processing are particularly important? The procedure is shown at insulating glass manufacturers Henze-Glas using the example of a large piece of insulating glass.


Processing technology

What are the special features and strengths of the different processing technologies for SWISSPACER spacer bars? What is the best way to meet individual customer requirements? Here is a comprehensive overview based on practical experience.