Key Features

  • SWISSPACER Triple for top quality, a great look and maximum energy-efficiency
  • Total width (including middle pane): 25mm (2*12), 33mm (2*16) and 37mm (2*18)
  • The innovation in Triple glazing

    Until now, two individual spacers have been used to produce triple glazing units, resulting in four butyl seals. With SWISSPACER Triple, there are only two butyl seals, reducing the risk of a loss of gas and moisture penetration. This results in a positive effect on the service life of the insulating glass unit. By connecting the two spacer bars, we can make sure that they are 100% parallel and they look great. Corner keys are available for simple manual production.

  • Advantages and benefits

    • Reduced weight of the insulating glass unit by using thinner glass panes
    • Looks great thanks to 100% parallel frames and no wavy butyl line along the centre pane
    • Maximum energy-efficiency
    • Reduced tolerances of the insulating glass unit thickness
    • Increased durability as the edge of the middle pane of glass is protected
    • Improved product reliability due to a longer service life and a more durable insulating glass unit

    Benefits for window manufacturers

    • Simple installation thanks to lower tolerances and weight of the insulating glass unit
    • Windows with less weight result in easier handling, transport and installation


  • PSI – Values

    Triple glazing -> 4-12-2-12-4 (Ug = 0,7 W/m2K)

    Frame material (W/m2K) Wood 1.3 PVC 1.2 Wood / Aluminium 1.4 Aluminium 1.6
    SWISSPACER Triple 0.029 0.031 0.031 0.031

    The technical values were calculated in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10077-2. Report:
    Swisspacer_1608_01_de from the engineering offi ce for building physics and window technology, BAUWERK, Rosenheim (DE).