What is "warm edge" (cool climate)?
SWISSPACER is at the heart of energy saving windows. Warm edge spacer bars insulate the edges of an energy efficient sealed unit. They keep the panes of glass apart and maintain the integrity of the air gap that insulates a building from heat loss through windows.

SWISSPACER processing 
Our SWISSPACER spacers can be processed in different ways. Further information
Differences in altitude and climatic stresses lead to build-up of excess or negative pressure in the insulating glass. The resulting tension can lead to glass breakages and premature ageing. With SWISSPACER AIR, this tension is greatly reduced, meaning that critical situations are a thing of the past. SWISSPACER AIR equalises pressure between the surrounding environment and the cavity between the panes and therefore offers a higher degree of safety. The risk of breakage during transport over different heights is minimised.

SWISSPACER Marketing and Sales Director 
In this interview Peter Appel, Marketing and Sales Director, explains why the SWISSPACER product is the best solution on the market. Right from the start SWISSPACER was and is an absolute top quality product, which is appreciated by customers around the world.


SWISSPACER Animated Video
SWISSPACER's animated video explains how windows with SWISSPACER inside make the home more energy efficient to cut heating bills. All SWISSPACER spacer bars have a High Tech Gas Barrier to preserve the lifespan of windows and ensure they continue to save money.